Rain reminds me of

My fear of being your second choice
got me here
believe me
I wish to dance
a last time
in the rainfall;
a part
of me got buried
in timing and in wanting
in goal
and then groan
for what should have happened
but never did
and followed the forgotten
left is but a compliment
made in
desperate days
stayed with me
and also on dark ways,
thanks to you
you little memory
which I wear
with me
even up to old days
I’d carve the words on a tombstone
because it’s was really
about me.
Believe me
I just didn’t want to forget you
I wish you
the most beautiful cries.
Your words
there is no truth to
your worries;
your good heart
will raise you above crumbs.
my life will be brief
my grief won’t indulge you
and I
won’t indulge
in my grief.


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