To sum it up

I don’t fucking care anymore
like I don’t fucking care
I don’t fucking care anymore
yeah I don’t fuckin’ care.
Could you please shut the fuck up
let me think for a while
it can’t be as easy as
black or white.
I know you speak of all
those words
but did you really understand?
I don’t want pin my morale
on an instinct.
Could dress up
in nice things
could have style
for a while
could get the gain confidence
 to reach my hands up to the sky
and take away the sun.
But nobody
never ever knows what tomorrow really brings
no matter how many masters
you have read.
You just follow
always follow
never consider yourself sheep.
Is it just so you can be
called deep?
There is a morbid curiosity
in all of us inside
hidden from the light
it leads us through the day.
Never show him,
never expose him
to the light of our sun;
never let primate
out of his cage.
Yesterday, tomorrow
are illusions from your brain
like the influence
of your screaming
to the outcome of a game. 
You all get nothing ever done
you are just adding little by little
to this nightmare worlds corrupted vision
by silencing your perceived opposition
to what is value
to what is true.
Get the right five people in a room
you built the pyramids in a day;
you can shoot a rocket into the sun
or just smoke
talk, and chill for a day.
Our brain are conduits.
Our bodies batteries.
A self loathing blood bag,
walking decay,
that speaks
of all the leaves
falling and get lost
from the trees.
A passing pointer
that will never see his truth
is just
him walking
step by step
wherever the road and his nose leads.
I don’t fuckin care anymore
like I don’t fuckin care
I don’t fuckin care anymore
yeah I don’t fuckin care
yeah obviously I don’t
Sorry I guess. 

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