To human hope

Once we stood equal
at the verge of death.
Now he is afar,
we don’t tell our children about him
they couldn’t understand
even if we warned them,
but that they see him
we know
is exceptional.
What animal
could claim that about itself?
One lost
in carried out thought.
Like hard cash
take me by my word
left with the expected death
the fear
which really drives us
it is long gone.
They are now looking for equality 
in empty words 
strips of paper
projection, thought palaces – 
that’s what we are. 
What became of the monkey 
and the animal? 
It still fascinates us 
murder, blood
and the thought of the next generation 
is left over – 
That’s us. 
Above it all is ashes, 
with time
crumbling like us.
I wonder
what it is,
with my last breath,
that really lasts.

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