Beware of the Brand Idols

I dream of things
that I can’t do
I resent the things
that are in my power
as they are things
that I know enough of.
What I do
doesn’t feel important
a cog in a machine so big
I couldn’t even count the parts
that moves the industry.
no manual in what I do.
Grind, grind, grind
jump through hoops and over fire
set ablaze in conference rooms.
I couldn’t count all the moving pieces
and I couldn’t
even if I wanted to.
A lot of stuff hangs
on our hips
attached by contract, handshake or
just a nod.
Children in Africa
just another business relationship
– not like they have much options
– they still act like it.
Stake holders in our success,
despite bright spot
yeah, I sell dreams,
people didn’t know they had
before I explained their damn condition,
not in detail,
a outlining of a vague motion
turned into coloring pages for you to fill in.
I sell you need
you sell your time,
my product gets your soul
the sale figures own mine.
That is how it worked
even before I was born
always, deep down I know it
they tell you how you will feel better
and you will follow
into the restless, circled journey of material things,
you didn’t dare to dream into reality
you didn’t know you need,
What you want to be
is an exercise of an empty thought journey
where you are,
that is where you should
feel yourself into
it is a good start.
I wouldn’t have any power over you.
And the machine would break apart
faster than I could dismantle you.

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