To the Ones that spend the first span of their lifetime walled-in and isolated.

My heart can’t keep up with my mind
and I am tumbling every day
with every step
out of control
what got in my way
I fell out of the wheel
I miss the running
I miss it so much sometimes
the counter on top
tells me my pride
but with the dissolve of ego
comes the dissolve of mind.
for some this is
about status
for some it is character
for me it
was never about position.
I just like to pick a path
and stick with it.
Under every stone,
underlies something rotten.
One time
just walk the whole way
not even had a problem with hinderance
it is the philosophy
that disgusts
behind most of these things.
Rationalize your existence
or be a maggot
without a worthwhile opinion.
ignorant in so many things
claim to want to learn stuff about life
felt ordered to do things
life is taking
time and transforming it
into value
by the rate of clock movement.
lets count the dollars
money doesn’t buy happiness
it is opportunities
that you seek.
no refunds for time.
Think cautiously
And it traps you into
failure of your decisions making
it is the system
that holds the last judgement
over the value of your thoughts.
But it never owns you,
just what you own.
And with the warning
go forth,
and learn about the capitalist’s machine
the progress doctrine
intergenerational talk,
they can send you to prison
but they can’t take
your journey away from you
given they don’t want to
if they can’t turn it into a rope,
a ring to decorate your hand with
or flowers to make
your grave less barren.
How much time after your death
till you turn into an anecdote?

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