The Taurus Idol Moloch.

The leaders of the inner circle
wrapped in long robes
are real.
They believe themselves to be wizards,
speak on occasions with
psychedelic demons
drink the blood of your children
to rob their life energy
but only their fantastical aspirations
are echt.
I am not going to convince you
but you will see them
and doubletake
your thoughts if you want to.
The veil is lifted,
the pill is swallowed
and if you come back to the tribe
they call you out on your madness
a trick of mind
without looking into
what you think you know.
Surface reality is a stage play
a abstraction of what is,
competence is what you need
but they don’t teach you that.
So if you want to live
follow them.
United under what banner?
They call it widespread social engineering.
Every form of manipulation has
a positive word
of encouragement
attached to it.
You want to be better and proper,
don’t you?
Welcome to the last few breaths of shadow hegemony
We will look back.
They only had numbers in play
but they won the game because
men kept chasing them up and down
and into their grave.
They showed what men was ready to do
to survive,
to prosper,
to climb a imaginative ladder,
what he had to humiliate himself with
what chains he had to hang around his body
and in our face they kept on celebrating the struggle.
Was it all just a front this whole time?
A power stolen from gods,
to steer the ship
with all the pairs of animals they have to save
from extinction.
Is it even close to
what they believe to be?
Are 99% the same,
and 1%
just broken away over time?
You have to control a small number
and they are ready to let us die
in their next war.
Enough of the crazy talk,
lockdown causes the bends,
I am starting to make sense
in my mind.
If it is true,
the last word didn’t fall yet
New Global World Intelligencia
plus or versus China
that is were all the power lies
against or with “neutral” outside observers.
buyers, sellers, beneficiaries
and collateral damage.
The Currency War is coming.
The last days of being isolated are coming,
dust off the War literature.
Read the chapters on the lost legs,
about screaming,
the iron stank in the air
about brotherhood
the tears, the honor, the victory
and about the duality of meaning
of blood smeared amor.
What are you ready to die for?
Protecting your home,
your loved ones,
what you own
or for a purpose,
a higher goal?
And if only a hundred million get to survive
the bottleneck?
Would you still fight against
someone who was pitted against you?
And what if all of it
since the beginning
was just an imaginative stage play
expressed in a chain of commands?
Shouted orders
promises of a better future.
Verbalized wants,
and cashed in on
in the currency of desperation,
in which I also deal?

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