Imagine you
existing in the empty
how could you not say
that you are not a mouthpiece of things
what would you be able to tell
about your own existence,
if nothing
but you were there?
Would you whisper to yourself about your own feelings?
There are plenty layers of existences
on this plane alone.
Can’t speak of what it sees
– pitiful creature.
Bargaining with long drawn out smiles
for a good price
when they sell their soul.
Some not even asking for much
some simply get their wage.
Jealoussy arose
having felt the burden of
comparison alone.
plug and play
boiled down to time spent alone.
Fear the next like you fear your own.
Nothing on this earth
stopping you going beserk
except for the bond
you have with your own
future expectations
and from that alone
you might want to feel sick in your stomach.
You bag of hope and despair
assigning names to a nameless room
things in your sight
passing down words
Entropy alone
could collapse the system
pour out one for the lost souls.
Buying time,
cynic facade turns to stone.
A constant swirl
a network
not all of them there the whole time
a still pulled out of time.
A imagine present in the moment alone.
To each
the same.
For each
their own.

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