Love to Wisdom

If you are part of something
you can only think about it wrong
What you should ask is
what difference does it make?
I take a look around
and I say “none”.
The Greeks are losing their grace.
The damned men are still damned.
The women are still shunned.
Shame is all we carry on.
The living are crawling on their knees.
The sun is the same,
it has ever been.
The shine never changes.
Beam mounts up to a
an identity is a detachment disorder..
Identity is lived experience,
and tale is what we live to be.
Earth won’t fall.
Shaken off the loose words.
The gene lets your share this world.
I will be the Primates
last philosopher
and reach to the
Did we become too big to fail already?
Didn’t we proof:
Time is all
that we are slave to.

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