Daevas Absence

It is there and then you realize,

as with happiness,

the pain never left,

you just turned your back on it.

And like most things betrayed by noon,

and returned to by midnight,

you are slowly crawling your way back to it.

to where it is known

that your head fits.

No place in a day

for the little voice I am desperately trying not to extinguish

I betrayed you my companion

my reluctant comrade

in a rage to fit

into something that never cared

for more than my hands

and what my head could do with it.

My advice just get on

with the nightly ritual.

Every piece you give up

has consequences.

So listen to the old hermit

who has nothing not made out of matter

which wasn’t exchanged with wit:

Live with your mind

you will miss it,

be thankful for your shadow

and drag it through the desert

even if you don’t need it

I write in absence,

there is some wisdom in it

to act

as if you could tame the fire

when it consumes you.

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