Reality decrees an Egg Shell

I always go for all or nothing
even planned out
for what doesn’t work out
I resort to laughing.
in the face of tragedy
and sadness in all of our view
nothing keeps you away from it
just sleep a night
of nothing-slumber
turn yourself off,
walk beaches,
awake another.
There is a moment of no bother
Body is itching,
mind is aching
what it has been taking
To walk a path of no return,
and look back
and still got the strength to endure
what lies ahead
behind corners
shadows, smiles
and garniture.
Tomorrow a roof tiles could slip down
and fall on your head
there is chance
you are instantaneously dead.
Is there any
you regret,
things you never said?
Maybe that is not fair to state,
more than I regret silences slow and merciless tragedy,
I regret, when I spoke up
as if my words could cut them up,
their sense of purpose lost on me,
I like however when they laugh with me.
About life’s endless indifference
to madness induced by
accepted decay, self inflicted illness & foreseen misery.
Another words:
Human beings like you and me.
Most of us know their fate.
In the end,
I conclude,
in a world filled with fog & grey outlines
that clearly aren’t part of
or even relating
to the sense of me
only interacting with what I call gestalt
– we can only judge ourselves.
Root of cause.
Always Self Righteous.
Oh the humanity.

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