Nothing days

I needed a break,

It made me mad

Seeing my life through this lense

I only write poisonous takes

All I create is venom
and stories
What is left of me
I give away in day dreams
The pipes are screaming
what a huge waste this all is.

I am warmer now

A year is all it takes

To spin it and turn it all around

What dumb concept human life is.
At what point did I become another finger,
extension of an arm?

It was easy, I was lucky
I swear,
I loved that
part of me that is now gone.
As I look back all I see are
tracks all over the place

there should have been a path

Maybe accelarated pace?
but most of the time
I just tried to get out of this place
here as I lie

What a waste.

I gave up moving for climbing.

For what?

It was in the moment

In which ambition fades

Are simple rhymes all it takes?

What rhymes with me?

Just a flee in a cosmic game

Tangeled in a whole lot of nothing days

Carrying shame

Between ruthless women and men dancing

From one mindless



thing to the other.

Life is long

The villainary behind the villain seems

To be gone

Everything has a reason!


For nothing is ever really wrong

Play it out

In your head you see a clear path

A network of association

And realize that

Everyone around you carries with them

Weird strings.

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