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– yadi-yadi-ya….

Is there something my writing made you feel or reminded you of?
Always happy to hear stories from other broken people.
Write in the comments of the poem, write to me, tell me what you liked and what you hated. Tell me if you like me or hate me. Wish me death if you think that is necessary. To bath in blood was always a hobby for me (not literally – please, stupid haha)

I write short bits, stories and shitty poems – if I am in the mood and possibly drunk;
otherwise can`t be bothered – no regular Content, I got bills to pay – mainly in English
and German (gonna try to provide both).
All stories are made up and character pieces. I do all of this to try out some new things. Don`t take them too seriously (even if that means challenging your brain), I use a lot of violent imagery, but they are used just to get a thought across.

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