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Chess Is A Medieval Game | I.C.U. (June 2016)

I.C.U. is something I created to just be an asshole and make fun of myself. I wanted to create a character, so people can get to know me better and I am trying to get more out there. I can be hella edgy, but I hope I put enough thought into all the edge lord weirdness, that it pays off and I can fund some cooler projects down the line. I am really happy that I could release this first one. I am sure, people will get me canceled and in the worst case even hanged for this down the line, but the message if you are too stupid or get too entangled in the stupid jokes and weirdness is: “Stop splitting people, we all have similar problems – the world isn’t black and white”

(if the link doesn’t work on the left you can find a backup on this website)

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