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Here is the first long term content of video I did. I wanted to try to create more of an encapsulation of a character, I found on the Web thanks to a YouTube recommendation. Twitch Streamers are normally not my cup of coffee. What they produce after all is endless content, that follows specific trends or not, stagnates, but is mostly personally driven, which I was after all interested about.
Josh is a very special character. He had no fear to potry to the outside this overexerted incel myth with a humor that is not only built on complete shock value and the ride of fame of someone you probably shouldn’t get famous. It is a meta joke. Something artistic in a sense, where you catch yourself always thinking: is this on purpose? Some kind off roleplaying art? Advanced acting?
Josh is a programmer, who is good at World of Warcraft. MethodJosh is member of the guild “Method”, who is considered for years now, the best guild in World of Warcraft. He was known as an “Incel”, a weirdo and social impaired outcast, a victim of the 21st century, who through Twitch found not only an audience but a chance to escape the hamster wheel, I would say was his life and used it to express himself on a stage.  If you like to laugh about someone or make yourself think about people. It/He might be for you.
I think I caught the portrayed “autism” and “disconnectivity” of his character before the BAN quiet well.

Some background for NORMAL PEOPLE:

In July of 2019, MethodJosh got banned from Twitch, and thanks to the entanglements of his guild being sponsored by Twitch, he has tight hands when it comes to migrating to another platform. We might see him back at the end of this 2019, or start of 2020, but it could be that thanks to this ban, Twitch will take a closer review into him (and what he got “away” with) and might deny one of their rising personalities their re-entry. The Investments into Mixer could certainly benefit Josh as well. Putting Josh on Mixer could be the first 4d chess move from Method to press more money out of Twitch for the lack of favoritism they garner as a big organizer and building World First races (which feature different collectives of people competing to complete the last bossbattle in the highest difficulty of a World of Warcraft raid expansion the fastest) into an event., Twitch could certainly have to face losing a viewing event in the gaming community like the WorldFirst Race to Microsoft, something Microsoft could benefit of having an event streamed that is limited in it’s timeframe and not just by straight-up trying to buy audiences


Second part, as much I have planned, is supposed to talk about the reason for his ban. I know the story. I am just missing some parts of it. Depending how the story plays out. The release might be in December or first quarter of 2020.


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