TOXIC 24/7

^Read it here: The Romans Would Have Eaten Fries


In a paralyzed state of defeat if you give up, is there a point of no return? Something to learn? “I got to know her in a bar,” he said and from there on onward his story changed “got awakened, but not in this happiness twisted Western Buddhism Bullshit way.”

I twisted it and wrote it down, to protect him and his leftover proud. He laughed while I asked the questions. Nathaniel Schradinski packed his bags and ran off from home. Following this decision gets a boy looking for more, entangled in the affairs of a city wise helping hand that helps him get through hardship and heartbreaks. A friend, as he describes him. A story about a boy turning into a bitter man and self-described doomer.

“Frustrating to read at certain parts, the novel shines at other parts with a thought-provoking, playful and distinct but raw style that blends author and protagonist into one; and gives hope for future works of John D. Dexter. Overly long, probably better cut by an editor, but still definitely worth checking out, if you are okay with bland shocking dark humor, in a story that follows a henchman loser around, and deliberately uses Anti PC language, that isn’t always just purposeless – Münchhausen* Distriktblatt*

“I hope you get crucified” Pontius Pilatus, Jerusalem Jewish News*, when asked for a comment.

“I like what you are doing, but you should write like that” everyone I asked, who has never written anything with a narrative stretching more than 2 pages.

*for transparency: neither real people or real publications

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