The third Newtonian axiom

Am I just a reaction to this world?
Or is this world reacting
to my action?
And is my action to the reaction
just another reaction to this world?
But I got born and my parents fucking
was the action
So my birth is a reaction,
maybe not an accident,
just sex hallowing a purpose.
And when my birth is a reaction
doesn’t that mean that everything
is just a result
of my dad blowing his load into my mom?
I am just a reaction aren`t I?

Nothing but a scarred boy
and the world doesn’t give a fuck,
it doesn’t react, and I don’t too
out of the same respect.
But who am I to judge?
What does matter mean?
Every reaction is an action
regardless of who is to blame
for the beginning.
So the world probably shouldn’t care
about my mom or dad, my heart, my love, my luck, my pain,
my dreams or me,
because we are just a consequence of being.

1 thought on “The third Newtonian axiom

  1. Beautifully written.
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