Desire for detachment

Distance is deadly
and sadly
I admired it.
my heroes
the most stoic personalities
who didn’t blink in the face of anything
used the distance to reality
to look at what they are given.
describing, acting accordingly
upstanding to how it is.
What I couldn’t comprehend
at young age
is the Greek tragedy aspect
that seemed
to infect every single one of them
These are their foundations,
it includes not getting involved.
I had try the trick
to see some shit

and not to give any
about what I encountered.
is the indifference to the essence
that makes topics worth talked about.
You lose sight of what’s important to others
and soon, you see rats in a maze on the chase for the button
that hands them some cheese.
If you talk about the holes in their dairy product
they bash your skull in
and exile you into the realm
of the killjoys, where singing about tragedy
is all of the plane’s sound remaining.
Distance is deadly,
and sadly, I admire mental strength.
Maybe because I had the feeling

I needed it badly in the past and yeah I did.
You don’t want to know what I gave;
my syrupy utopia, my world I could have owned
all of what most young man dream off and
you would look at me,
like I lost my empathy,
but nevertheless I won some in the one sided deal;
I at least lost my need to run
from getting depressed in waves.
What price, wouldn’t a man pay for that?

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