kids for climate change

And the sheep march back on the streets
because they can’t read
I mean
you never taught them.
It’s like I’m standing
in the middle of nowhere.
And I don’t understand
how they can still walk at all
with their signs
behind every movement is
a manifesto
a testament to stupidy
look for it
it is not hard
and you find
a will of an organization
an agenda
of people
who have little
to no idea.
Voices against should
be louder
but you drown them out
with your misguided
battle cries
of “for the cildren”
and loud footsteps marching on the asphalt
They march
but for what?
To save something
that is already being saved 
– will never be saved
not by most of them
but they don’t understand.
Too far away
the scientist locked in his lab.
They demand
listen to the people
who live with the trees
and talk to the trees.
and with squirrels
under guidance
of old spirits, they see in the fire
Literally science deniers.
I wish I could.
would give a second world room
but this is ours
why are you distancing yourself so much
just because it torments you
that you have to live with yourself
in your long day
without a god or something else
in this made desperate times
to follow?

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