You wouldn’t bet on a blind guy in a fist fight

Smile with your eyes,
frown with your mind.
Eye for an eye means
you have to stop after two.
Ancient law,
there are no new lesson to be learned.
But Eyesight to be lost on shortsighted affairs
Most of the people are not worth the sacrifice.
They just try to be,
An almighty God or a sick twisted Nature
gave you a mind on your own,
in some regards weakness and in others I see strength.
You don’t have to throw your eyes into the ring.
Let them stay obscured.
they don’t deserve that you consider
to react to their vile bidding in a desired action.
A stoic nature was always to be deserved.
Common sense,
you should think.
But still everyone deals differently with vocal violence.
My head is where I feel safe
Need an idea
for a stress-releasing-
Cut off finger tips can replace one`s teeth
to create a double digit smile.

I am the one
who is fucked in the head?
Words can’t kill, 
and you
call me

Just listen
what they intent to say,
to do.

I will sway you
with the rest
who are still nonbelievers

Let a free roaming looney person
give you a foolproof advice
that probably doesn’t work
if you are younger than 18:

Do nothing,
smile with your eyes,
don’t let them get to you,
show some white,
and in the best case anticipate a meltdown.

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