Beyond the Call of Duty

I saw the parade
I saw the people cheering on the president.
I saw waving flags behind him
And veterans salute.
A million people clapping and
sweating faces
sitting in their windows
just nodding
to not lose balance.
I saw a million people clapping and five hundred thousand nodding.
and I felt the energy in the air.
I felt the atmosphere shaking my thinking
and I saw a man
whisper in a crowd of a million and a half
attention seekers
and he just ate ice cream
and watched
and whispered curses
in his vanilla cone.
A man with the words security on his jacket
and an ear piece
rushed and tackled him down.
Beat him up,
and tied him up on a tree.

And people cheered.
You see
he could have pulled a gun out of his cone
and put a bullet through this mortals man’s heart.

and he would have dropped dead right there
behind his podium.
What a shame?
Would people have cheered?
Survival instinct would have kicked in
and they would have trampled each other to death right there,
but would there be hope in the headlines tomorrow morning?
His ice cream melted on the floor
into a vanilla puddle.
A guy slipped on it
as he tried to
get closer to the front.

It was mid July.
A hot summer day.
when I saw the president sweating behind a speaking table
to convince the crowd
from his shadowy cause
– I wouldn’t trade with him
standing on this sun bathed podium
Hot and stuffy,
closed off.
All women and men
waiting for him to slip up.
In number the masses might mix
into a single high pitched tune,
but I can’t even handle two
eyes starring at me.
Let alone a loud and long whistling sound.
Back at home
I pulled out the darts
from the orange face.
I have my own coloring –
today it is red
from standing too long in the sun.
Next chance to shoot a president
is in 4 to 5 years
during or after the horse race.
Get there early.
Place bets on another steed.
But don’t break their legs.
You can hear cheering and nodding anywhere.
Long live democrazy.

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