Into the Frozen Wasteland

The sun set in front of his feet
he thought he understood
but he didn’t.
Houses pass by
with warm light in their windows
and warm love in their meals.
Warm ovens, warm smiles, could stay awhile
sitting with them in their underwear.
They pass pass by
determinant to the destination
and the deadline.
Sometimes it is so easy
to keep it all on distance
but on some days
in a mighty roar
breaks barricaded windows,
barricaded doors;
a scream stronger than ever before.
So he packed his stuff to venture out.
With no time, he woke up
to wander off into the frozen wasteland.
In front of him
a land of ice
and snow crystals floating through the air.
He breathes them in.
Tastes the air.
Steam is exhaling out of his nostrils.
Pearls of cold glass
drop on the death frozen floor
in a path of glacial marbles
that tail him.
They drop and roll over icy soil.
A forest of crooked branches
frozen hard into the last pin
covered in a shiny film.
He simply breaks them off
as he walked through the swath,
free of trees.
Give him a look the flowers
under their diamond layers
what ones gave them life,
froze them in time,
forever standing here.
While along a wall of ice
he walks 
with one hand on his heart.
He was free
and cold;
so bitter cold
his breath evaporated heat.
out of his mouth
His lungs spit wet fire and
eluding life into the cold air.
On powder snow his boots found ground.
squeezed together
under his shoe soles.
And on his way
his knees gave up
he collapsed
went down
like everything he will be gone.
The snow buries him
couldn’t go much further.
In the frozen air
the stars shine brighter
could guide him back
if he took the time to figure out where he came from.
He breathes in his hand
to keep it somehow warm
despite the wind
whistling in his ear
and snow levitating
in the air.
In front of his feat
laid bare
the extent of the frozen wasteland.

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