Paris Spitball Rain

Knock yourself out
he said
as he handed me
the plastic bag
with bottles of Tequila
and three packs
of cigarettes
with a smile.
He had kind eyes
so the next time
I wasn’t disgusted
with the thought
of a conversation.
57 years old,
Two kids.
Not the best father
As he described himself
“My father wasn’t the best”,
I said,
“And you know
I am here
in a conversation with
a liquor store owner
The withered man laughed
and poured me a drink.
He met his wife in Paris.
And I asked him how?
“By chance
and with the help
of the stubborn
ill tempered
well received
spirit inside of me”
He smiled.
“I spit on
passing boats
on the Seine
down from the bridge
where all the locks speak
about broken relationships
She confronted me angrily.
Asked me
if I had lost my mind.
“Why?”, I asked,
a million people spit down there”
Promptly a man
walked by
and a sticky ball 
of slime,
visibly green

shoot out of his mouth
the Seine.
The dump swam
and I smiled
wholeheartedly at her
like she was
in front of me
and had my initials
carved in her hairs.
“You spit on people”,
she quickly tried
to get dressed again,
“that’s a difference”
I try to achieve

with it”
At the end
of this evening
it was clear
we would spit on people’s heads
from there onward together.
The rest was history”
I took my three cigarette packs
offered him one.
He declined
and flipped
the trade.
Gave me one of his own.
“How come a
young man
visits a
liquor store regularly
that he gets in
a conversation with the owner?”
“I am just
a good listener”,
I said
and took my plastic bag
with my packs
of cigs
and my Tequila
from the counter.
He held me back
at the door.
Gave me the bottle,
we cracked,
“on the house”,
he said.
I never returned there again.

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