Homo ego sum

Do you even know,
who I am?
who I was?
how deep
this goes?
I don’t.
I need you
because I never know
who I am, won’t think back
to who I was,
not quite sure
what is hiding under my tongue.
Never truly
not alone
I stumble from day to another
My heart, it grows stronger
every cancelled date
every last stop exit
my heart grows back together
Split it up, chop it in pieces
swallow it and spit on it
tremble on it with unwashed feet
Set it on fire
leave it out in the rain
throw it in the cold; sink in snow.
Do you even know
who I am?
I do
and I am more scared of me
than I am of you;
I know
who I am.
I know
who I was.
I know what is hiding
under my tongue
– Love, Darling
the kind, the brave
the purest one
that can’t differentiate
between right or wrong;
No neutral faction.
Shouldn’t feel ashamed for it.
Homo ego sum.


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