Carve the runes into your bones; the flesh burns.

someone get me
out of here
nothing ever changes
I am here
and I am alone
and I will always be
nothing ever changes
except for me
I am the hellhound
it seems
the burden
get me
out of here

how much
would I need to pay
of my soul
I would pay everything
just get him
from her.
No arguing
It would make thing worse.
I am forced
to watch this go down.
tomorrow or the
day after
let it be known
that I am gone
and nobody will
be sad
after all.
Not risen above the forgotten.
one or two
if I am lucky
and I catch them in the mood
This is an averages man’s reality
and for love
I am
this fool.
I just wish
I wouldn’t catch myself
then and now
doing it. 

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