Beyond the Blue Horizon

Can you leave tomorrow?
Straight on a line
you can leave tomorrow
take the next line
let everything stand
and lie
there is 
nothing to find;
the mankind built
to create
and solve problems
but the problems
we are
mostly not confronted with. 
you could bundle a million
Who knows
to which
that leads.
But the earth itself
the cradle of our species
which only seduces
gravitational thinking.
That’s why you should
dance with me. 
and give future for something
and decide on
what most ants
because like 
on milk crystals
we’re going to rush
when we are taught
how to fish
Like ants
on milk crystals
we are looking at
plunge the spoils
feel the whole pelvis
and the void.
Fishing for suns
and never forget:
The cradle of the world is the earth
and yours,
by the way,
It is like you. . .
has not chosen
to  accommodate life.
I wish I could
still see the stars
but happy I am
when I look into her
brown eyes.
And knows that this race,
in all its folly
and stupidity,
banal cruelty and
lack of living mornings,
can take a path that only needs children
 who can dream and follow it
The foundation is good
and we built it on skulls
but whether
these ghosts
guard us or
haunt us is up
to everyone themselves. 
The truth is,
the stars are waiting.
Only fear
is what keeps us here.





1 thought on “Beyond the Blue Horizon

  1. Very nice. Thank you for the self-reflection. Stay well…


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