It is always about getting laid

The guy was three and a half night cabinets high
and half a cupboard wide
but believe me
I saw him
Fucking women on the toilet
Defending the weak in the streets
Being a cunt to his friends
Claiming Napoleon died on Elba
Warmly welcome refugees
Passing a black guy by; “a drug dealer”
Killing himself with Long Island Ice Tea’s.
Being intimidated by a spider.
And play the macho for the one un-initiated
dancing, drinking, romancing,
be dumb, be smart, be bad
illoyal, insensitive, a good guy and a hero.
I saw him
As long as he thinks he has a cause
he is gonna defend what is right for him.
And in the end
Especially afterwards
I think
I should have seen his fist coming
When his only ever loved one kissed me.




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