Random Erection

A girl with
a black dandelion
on her bag.
Red dipped toes
in flips-flops.
And my wow’s
I whispered with shame
I couldn’t
look into her eyes
but I wanted to.
Look,  lock, talk
and haunt
her for a while.
I stared at her
Flips-flops held
classic. No style.
and when she turned her head
I turned mine.
I got hard.
in my head
butt red
is associated with danger.
I always
wanted to fuck
a stranger
on a public toilet.
An old man
read a free metro
next to me
on the bench.
I smoked beside him.
He didn’t seem to care.
Didn’t look
up from the black,
lying letters.
And I kept my eyes
and my dick
in the trench
as I blew
into the air
in the non-smoker area.

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